Best Toys For Three Year Olds

Believe it or not, toys are one of the best ways to build a child’s dexterity and general cognition. So, while you can choose toys for your kids which is until they grow up and make their own choices you must buy ones that actually instigate them to develop better skills. Here, are a few toys for three-year olds that can help you do that.

  • 4 puzzles in a box– This puzzle box has four separate puzzles of four, six, eight and twelve pieces. You can choose which one you think your child will be able to do. They will probably start off with doing the smaller one and then go on to do the 12 pieces one. Its simple and have pretty large pieces which is apt for a 3-year-old to attempt on their own. It develops matching and sorting skills.
  • Brio deluxe world set– It basically wooden pieces that can build up any structures. It may be slightly difficult for a three-year-old to do on his or her own but with the help of an adult it is doable. You can build a harbor, a farm and a house as well. Its high quality and durable wood. It can however be considered a little expensive.
  • Lego Duplo deluxe box of fun set– Building blocks is always a great for kids. Lego Duplo has building blocks which are bigger in size than the usual building blocks making it apt for the kids. This one is simple and easy and definitely helps improve hand- eye coordination.

  • Play-Doh cake party playset– Play Doh has been a popular thing to buy for kids since the 1950s. It allows the kids to mould and create anything they may like. This one even comes with several accessories like a cake stand, accessories, cutters, plates and cutlery. It helps your child pretend to cook and this is the age kids love mimicking their parents.
  • Pretend and play doctor’s set– This comes with 19 pieces of imitative plastic equipment. It has all sorts of doctor’s equipment. This encourages imaginative play. Also instigates a child’s imagination. It is also a perfect game for group play. If other kids come home you child can pop open this set.
  • Stretch Tech– This is a child’s trampoline. At the age of 3 a child can have a lot of energy. This is safe and it has a padding with a handle. It is a trampoline adapted for kids and can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

  • Schwinn roadster Trike– A tricycle is great for keeping a child active. It helps them explore their surroundings. It also helps with balance and coordination. A tricycle will also help the child upgrade to a bicycle when required.
  • Alex toys My crafty kit– This craft kit is colourful and offers a wide range of arts and craft material that can be used. It has crayons, stickers, paper, glue and buttons. It can easily be used to make all those artsy and crafty things that children should learn at this It is a wonderful way for them to express themselves.