7 Most Popular Kids Toys To Buy In 2018

If you want to buy the latest kids toys in 2018. You must checkout this list. There are some toys that have made it to the most popular list. If you are planning to gift a child then these are a few toys you must consider as they have been the popular choices among kids.

  • Toilet trouble– Potty training and potty talk are the common words among kids at a younger age. This game however is a fun and entertaining one in which the game tells them how many times they must flush the toilet and the battery powered game makes the flush noise and splashes out water depending on its turn. If water splashes out on the individual then he /she loses. The person that makes it to the end without water being splashed on him or her is the winner.

  • Remote control building kits for kids- Remote control cars on their own are pretty cool however if you are building these cars on your own the cool aspect just amps up. This playset allows you to make a remote-control car or motorcycle on your own using the building kit. There are manuals you can refer to for the process. Needless to say this “toy” has grabbed a lot of adult attention too.
  • Qingo building block tape– If you belong to the previous generation you may feel a little left out and upset when it comes to this toy. This is basically a tape which is equipped with a surface on which building blocks, Legos and similar things can be strapped or stacked. The tape can be cut and stuck on any surface you want. The adhesive roll comes in many colours as well. It is a 3.2 foot of tape. The ways in which this can be used is up to one’s imagination. There are endless possibilities.
  • Fingerling monkey– So, this toy is a monkey that responds to touch, sounds and movement. They hold on to fingers giving the toy a real pet appeal. They have their own monkey bars and a hammock to monkey around on. It is a very interactive money and is apt for a kid that is around the age of 6-7.
  • Nintendo Switch – The gamer’s paradise. It is small and portable unlike most other gaming kits. It is a hybrid system that makes gaming easy and can be played anywhere. You can pop it open anywhere or play it at home on a big television screen. It has two wireless jocksticks as well.

  • LOL, surprise doll series– This is basically little balls of surprise. You pick any one or two off the store shelf and once you reach home you know what doll you have for yourself now- Some children might like this surprise factor and some may not. It comes with all sorts of accessories, shoes, stickers, secret message and a water bottle charm.